About Bounce Squads


Bounce Squads are multisport classes, designed to introduce kids to numerous ball sports with a primary focus on tennis. The aim of the program is to create a solid foundation on kids hand eye and foot coordination to enable them to progress to our Red Ball classes at the age of 5yrs. 

Classes will be mixed with boys and girls as evenly as possibly.
Classes will start promptly regardless of class number.
All programs run for the duration of the term.
All equipment is designed specifically for pre-school children.
Maccabi Tennis has indoor facilities to deal with inclement weather, so classes are on rain or shine.
In case of extremely hot weather or wet weather classes will be held under cover.
Class sizes are a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 7 per instructor.

What to bring to the lessons

  • Sun hat (no hat no class)
  • Racket if they have one
  • A drink (water)
  • Children should wear lose fitting cloths and sports shoes
  • Children should already have sun block on
  • Children should be toileted before class

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